About – Tom McFie

Tom is a wealth consultant widely recognized as the best of the best in his field. His first book, Prescription For Wealth: Why YOU Should and Can Be Rich, has been well received, and is now in the hands of several thousand people. In fact, Tom has become famous because of the results his clients have achieved by using The Perpetual Wealth Code. Tom grew up in poverty. As the youngest in a family of 8 who huddled around the wood stove for heat in the winter, Tom clearly remembers scratching his initials in the frost buildup on the inside walls of their non-insulated, 800 square foot home many winter mornings.

“Circumstances are only opportunities in disguise,” Tom says. With a strong moral ethic and a determination to succeed, Tom went on to earn two doctorate degrees, overcome a poverty mindset and has become a businessman of excellence. Tom wrote his second book, Winning Your Financial GAME, after mentoring hundreds of people who have become champions in taking their financial game to the next level.

Tom McFie is the Founder and President of Life Benefits, Inc. (www.life-benefits.com)