Winning Your Financial GAME

Why do some people seem to have the “Midas Touch” while others seem to self-destruct financially? There are some specific reasons.

In researching successful people from the past and the present, Dr. Tomas McFie has discovered that financially successful people have three common traits: 1) A strong desire to win, 2) A solid realization that they are determined to win, and 3) A spirited discipline which affords them to win.

Anybody who adeptly appreciates these three traits and appropriately applies them becomes successful. There is really only one drawback and that is this: Most people tend to do what everybody else is doing. Therefore, these traits which successful people diligently discipline themselves to apply elude most people.

Your Financial GAMETM (YFG) is about success and significance, both of which are noble goals. Understanding how to create a concise GAME (Guaranteed, Available, Manageable, Equity) plan will put you on track to winning YFG.

You will never be guilt-ridden or shame-faced believing that your wealth is acquired at the expense of other people when following the course McFie outlines here. Instead, you will become an inspiration, encouraging and enabling others because of the success and significance you are achieving in YFG.

Using powerful historical examples of men and women who are in the financial Hall of Fame, this book contains the financial moves you need to be familiar with in order to win YFG.


Retirement Curveball

Retirement Curveballs are threatening to destroy the dreams cherished by millions of people for their golden years.

These curveballs come in the form of management fees, deferred taxes, stock market crashes, broken promises, misinformation and more.

But you don’t have to swing at these curveballs when you recognize them for what they really are.

Reading Retirement Curveball you’ll discover how to identify common retirement curveballs, protect your financial GAME from these curveballs, and get on track to achieve your goals even in a so-so economy.

Retirement Curveball is an easy read that covers many bases so you can keep more of the money you make and live your dreams.

When it comes to your money and your future its not time to take chances.

This book will give you the information you need to avoid risk and make sound plans for your future.

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Prescription for Wealth: Why You Should And Can Be Rich

In the forward to the Prescription for Wealth, R. Nelson Nash the author of Becoming Your Own Banker states that the Prescription for Wealth is the “perfect ‘precursor’ to my own book, Becoming Your Own Banker –The Infinite Banking Concept.  Before reading my book, one should first read Prescription for Wealth by Dr. Tomas P. McFie!”  As gracious as that statement is, Prescription for Wealth was written to tell a simply story, a story in common English, of how money came to be and why it is important to learn how to manage it instead of letting others manage it for you.

The book builds on the idea that everything that one purchases in life has an interest cost associated with it.  Either you pay interest to others when you use their money or you lose interest you could have earned had you not spent your own money.  The cost of interest is ever present.  Yet when using the cash values of participating whole life insurance there is a way that you can “recover” some, if not all, of the associated cost of interest in your life and be able to use it for you own purposes.  This is what the Prescription for Wealth explains to the reader how to accomplish.

Throughout the book the goal remains the same:  Stop losing money that you don’t need to lose by becoming the one who finances the things you purchase in life.  The more you manage to accomplish this simple endeavor the richer you will become.  And you should become rich because you ought to be able to keep more of the money you earn in your life, not less, so that you can accomplish the noble goals you have.

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