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Tom McFie is available for interview by telephone and Skype or nationwide by arrangement.

Some Story Ideas:

● Debt Despair? Learn How To Turn Your Debts Into Profits

● Spring Into Financial Security: 3 Simple Habits That Can Make You Extremely Wealthy

● Your Money Is Your Lifeblood: Stop The Bleeding Now

● What Every Woman Needs to Know About Increasing Her Cash Flow

● The 5 Most Important Things to Teach Your Kids about Money

● Don’t Finance Anything Else Until You Talk To This Expert

● Why You Should Stop Throwing Your Money Away Funding Your 401k

● It’s Tax Season: 60% Of Your Income Goes To Paying Tax and Interest Learn How to Keep Banks’ and Creditors’ Hands Off of Your Money

● Trying to Finance Your Small Business?… Learn How Walt Disney, J.C. Penney and Joe Biden raised money

● Banks Not Lending? Here’s a Solution.  Learn a Little-Known Strategy For Self-Financing Your Business

● Prescription For Wealth: How You Can Become Rich – No Drugs Required

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