Liberty is precious and, when morally exercised, produces great value. Yet when liberty is exercised without moral restraint and accountability; chaos, turmoil and devastation result. 

Today many are exercising their liberty without any moral accountability.  We are witnesses to the destructive fruition this creates.  The unruliness, disruptive and boisterous behavior of those exploiting their liberty, indicates a demise of liberty instead of a respect and expansion of it.

Local government, for its part, has encouraged this oppressiveness by NOT:

  1. Establishing and enforcing laws to maintain order
  2. Protecting their citizens from threats against their person, property and speech, and
  3. Promoting the general welfare of the public over special interests

These three fundamentals are the basic role of government and are consistently provided by a morally accountable administration.  Unfortunately, laws are being established today which protect special interests, not the general welfare of the public.  Citizens are being threatened personally.  Their property is being destroyed and their speech is being squelched, distorted or labeled.  This has gone so far that entire groups of people are being accused of being “Enemies of the State” and even worse.

But this is the after-effect of a society which has lost the true meaning of Liberty.  Liberty has been redefined as “a license to do as you please”, regardless of who it hurts, what property is taken, damaged or destroyed, and who’s speech is curtailed or eliminated. 

Fortunately, there are millions of Americans who are tired of having their God given unalienable rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” being tossed about and quashed.  It is these true American’s that can remove the “fake” government and replace it with a government that honors and enforces the three fundamentals of what a government should be, restoring our society to one that honors everyone’s unalienable rights, not just a select few. 

We have a duty to rectify this breech of Liberty.  Vote this election!  If you love Liberty and want to keep her, vote!  If at all possible vote in person so the “fake” government can’t stall the count and disenfranchise you by postponing the outcome of this important civil duty that Liberty herself demands of you.

Dr. Tomas McFie

Dr. Tomas McFie is a retired physician. As the founder of Life Benefits, he currently works in the financial industry exposing the fallacies of typical financial planning and helping clients keep more of the money they make with a formula that creates financial peace of mind.


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