Human Life Value: A Life Insurance Term with a Twist

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History is something which needs to be understood lest it be repeated.  The attempt to reconstruct history is a tool used by social Progressives to manipulate others into accepting their ideas and philosophy.  This practice should be countered with the truth, on all fronts, to avoid repeating the history which has destroyed Human Life Value instead of providing upward mobility.

Social Progressives have always attempted to reconstruct history, and today is no different.  For example, social Progressives want to say it was racism which caused the founding fathers to count a slave as only 3/5th of a person instead of a full person.  Looking at the historical facts, however, one discovers it was the slave owners who wanted slaves to be counted as full persons, as it would have given slave owning states more representation in Congress.  Their purpose was NOT to acknowledge the value of their slaves’ lives as equal to their own.  

Therefore, the 3/5th value placed on the life of a slave was a compromise adopted NOT to promote slavery but to limit it.  This compromise became the foundation stone upon which abolition was established because it limited the slave holding states from dominating the house of representatives and spreading slavery to new states as they were added to the Union.  It is important to note that free blacks, both northern and southern, were counted as full citizens during this era.  Those who didn’t own slaves wanted to prevent slaves from being fully counted in any census because they knew it would spread slavery if slave owning states had more representation in the Congress. 

Of course, slavery had been forced upon the colonies by the King of England who was petitioned multiple times by the founding fathers to stop importing slaves from Africa to the colonies.  But the slave trade was too profitable for the King to listen to the colonies’ requests, and so their request was ignored much like the protests of the colonists against the taxes which were assessed upon them by the crown without any representation.  

Ultimately, the tyranny of the Crown lost Britain the colonies as the founding fathers declared independence, fought the revolutionary war and freed the colonies.  Sadly, slavery had become so engrained in certain colonies that it took a civil war to abolish slavery after the United States had freed itself from Britain’s rule. 

This pattern of becoming dependent on slave labor is being repeated today by those who take advantage of human trafficking. Evil behavior is part of human nature and is why we need to rise above human nature and embrace the founding fathers’ acknowledgement that ALL MEN are created equally.  It is only when human nature is subdued, tamed and replaced that evil attempts to use others to fulfill selfish desires is overcome.

Yet today evil is not being subdued, tamed or replaced.  Instead it is being encouraged by social Progressives who are promoting laxer immigration laws which favor human trafficking and will provide them with cheaper labor and more power in congress.  Ironically, those who favor tighter immigration laws, knowing stricter immigration laws would reduce human trafficking and lay the foundation on which freer trade and freer passage between nations could be established, are called racists. 

Unfortunately, the reason for the 3/5th value placed on the life of a slave by the founders was distorted along with many other principles upon which this great country was established.  Today we know there are those who believe black lives are inferior to white lives and vice-versa. Even more regrettably, people who hold these beliefs tend to find legitimate positions in our Progressive society, be it in science, medicine, politics, academia or some other setting.  Lyndon B. Johnson, who was known to be a bigot, became president of the United States.

A lesser-known social Progressive was the statistician, Frederick L. Hoffman.  Hoffman found his niche in the Public Health sector of American society.  Hoffman was born and educated in Germany and unfortunately, Prudential Life Insurance Company employed him as their statistician. Eventually the “Big Three” life insurance carriers, John Hancock, Metropolitan and Prudential began to use Hoffman’s Fake Science and Medical statistics to restrict the coverage and even deny black life insurance policies from being solicited.

Today’s social Progressives might impute this to imply that black Americans are not able to purchase the life insurance they need because of this blatant racism. However, the life insurance industry purged itself of Hoffman and those who practiced race-based underwriting years ago. In fact, many studies show blacks three times more likely to own life insurance than white people even though there is ample evidence to suggest that the black population in the United States is under more stress financially than the overall population.  African Americans hold significantly more life insurance than whites after accounting for other confounding factors such as income and education.

Here are the facts.  Everybody is created with equal value in the sight of God. It is human beings who place one life above another.  The founding fathers provided the opportunity for upward mobility for all lives, not because they were perfect but because they realized it is God who determines the value of each person, not some human or human institution.   “Fake Science” like Fredrick Hoffman used, or the “Fake Reasoning” which the slave owners used to rationalize the evil discrimination which they practiced upon those unlike themselves, is part of human history throughout the world.  The question remains: What are we to do today?

Today, we are witnessing the re-enactment of history:  One group of lives is being portrayed as being more valuable than another group of lives based upon outward appearances.  We see certain people demanding reparations from another group of people based merely on skin color. This is done with the assumption that a certain skin color of people is responsible for certain evils committed in history.  The problem with this demand is that those who make such demands are repeating the same mistake for which they are demanding reparations.  Instead of learning from history, they are attempting to make things morally right.  

But neither history nor the present will ever be morally right.  As humans we are all morally deficient.  It is only when humans overrule their morally deficient instincts to pursue their own self-interests by whatever legitimate means possible and treat others as they themselves would like to be treated that society really progresses.  Realize that social Progressives have highjacked the word progress, adopting it as their name.  Yet, Progressives move our society backwards with their violence, hatred, bigotry and prejudices, not forward.

This month of August is the 400th anniversary of when blacks were kidnapped from their villages by other blacks in Angola and shipped to the Americas.  Twenty of these black people ended up in Jamestown, Virginia.  Yet most of the African slaves ended up on Caribbean Plantations owned by Europeans who ironically avoided using slaves in their native Europe because of the Christian beliefs regarding slavery which dominated the continent.  Most slaves therefore did not come to the United States or the colonies.  By the time of the Civil War only 4 million black slaves were in the United States, 95% of them were in the Sothern states, even though nearly 20 million black slaves had been sold in the slave trade up until that time.  

Regrettably, slavery is far from being a piece of history. Today there are nearly 40.3 million slaves throughout the world.  They are used for prostitution, physical bondage, forced marriages, sexual exploitation and forced labor.  Most of today’s slaves are women and children.

It is time for society to wake up instead of being merely woke. We need to stop looking at the outward appearances of others and look inward. “For out of the heart comes the evil thoughts of murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony and slander. These are what defile a person.” We need to understand that a person cannot be rightly judged on his ancestors’ merits, otherwise we would all be guilty.

Instead of trying to reconstruct and recompense for historical evils, we should spend our time, money and effort in eliminating the evil that exists today.  There is no amount of good which can be done to remedy the past, but there are countless ways we can alter the present and make the world a better place for tomorrow.  

As black Americans overcame the racism which Hoffman introduced into the life insurance industry, and thereby became the most insured race in America, we too can redirect the hate and violence of today’s Progressives and use that energy to emancipate the 40 million plus slaves of today who are forced to do unspeakable things for the profit and pleasure of others. Doing so will create a huge legacy of upward mobility for all humans instead of the barbarian hate-fueled, guilt-laden propaganda which the socialist Progressives use to pit one group of humans against another, destroying the upward mobility of all humans beings. 

The good news is that 79% of the U.S. population still believes the U.S. was founded on ideals of freedom and equality!  Meaning we still have hope to keep American free and in doing so be the shining light on a hill which lets the rest of the world realize that upward mobility is possible for all human beings, not merely the social Progressives whose real desire is to tyrannize and dictate what the rest of the population can and can’t do.

Life is short.  Today there is still time to choose what kind of life want to have.  You can have a life fueled by hate and violence, which the social Progressives want for you to have.  Or you can decide to spend your time, effort and money on building value which provides upward mobility for everybody.  The choice is yours. But only because you are still free.

Dr. Tomas McFie

Dr. Tomas McFie is a retired physician. As the founder of Life Benefits, he currently works in the financial industry exposing the fallacies of typical financial planning and helping clients keep more of the money they make with a formula that creates financial peace of mind.


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